Modern simplicity

Every day the guests of the Klostermühle can enjoy our sumptuous variety of food and drinks. Our culinary delicacies are prepared by our experienced team with love and dedication - whether the broad choice of breakfast offerings or the creative evening meal.

Seasonal variety

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We want to share the fine products and features of the Bruchhausen-Vilsen region with you at every meal. Our fine cuisine primarily uses local products and presents seasonal creations based on the time of year. We are always open to new ideas and influences.

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The connection between tradition and modernity is also reflected in the creative dishes of our chefs. In the Klostermühle, we serve our own house-brewed “Heiligenberg Dunkel” beer and fresh-baked crusty bread.

Our menu offers a look at seasonal variations depending on the time of year. We take extra care that special dietary requirements and new developments are accounted for in our sophisticated cuisine.

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