Your visit, our passion

The Klostermühle Heiligenberg is idyllically surrounded by lush forests, fresh springs and extensive fields. Our historic half-timbered house with original mill wheel and copper-covered entrance hall has been welcoming guests since its reopening in January 2017. The adjoining 4-star rated Gästehaus features modern design combined with traditional elements. Here everyone finds a splace to enjoy.

Rooted in tradition

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The history of the Klostermühle dates back to the 13th century, when the mill was operated by the monks of the Premonstratensian monastery of Heiligenberg. The mill equipment can still be seen today in the interior of the house, and in summer the murmur of water on the mill wheel on the outer facade contributes to the cozy ambience of the Klostermühle.

With great respect for monument conservation, the house was lovingly and extensively restored through 2016 and supplemented with a separate guest house. Thus, the current catering and hotel activities do not detract from any of the mill’s original charm.

Tradition und quality –
a distinctive location

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The Klostermühle Heiligenberg with its central location near Bremen and Hanover and its pristine environment in the natural spring area of river Eyter is a popular holiday destination for guests of all ages in the Bruchhausen-Vilsen region. “To create a special mix of the historical and the new” – the building was redesigned with this motto as a guide.

Where grains were formerly milled, a total of up to 100 guests can now be served on two floors for breakfast, lunch, tea and sweets in the afternoon, dinner or simply a cold beer. Young and old, cyclists and fitness enthusiasts, hikers and motorcyclists, day guests and weekend holiday makers enjoy the cozy social time here in the charming ambience of the half-timbered house.

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Not only has the interior of the restaurant been restored and renovated with great attention to detail – the outdoor area has also been given a new look under the auspices of the Brüning family. In close collaboration with restoration specialists, archaeologists and aquatic ecologists from the region, a concept was developed which focuses on the preservation of the environment and protection of the biotope. Thus, young trees were planted, the garden areas were enhanced with native flowers and shrubs and the banks of the mill pond were newly planted.

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When the first rays of sunshine finally begin to warm the early buds, nature calls to us, “Come outside”: From the new café terrace you can enjoy a clear view of the mill pond and the unique idyllic landscape. While the mill wheel gently turns with a quiet ripple in the background, you can relax in the Klostermühle’s courtyard beer garden and enjoy the warm days

A family business

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Come and make yourself right at home! Our easy-going ambience combined with modern cuisine featuring seasonal classics will appeal to both connoisseurs and aspiring connoisseurs. We always create something special for our guests.

Under the leadership of Juliane Brüning, the motivated and dynamic kitchen and service team play an important part in ensuring that every visitor, both young and old, feels immediately at home every day.

Horse riding close at hand

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With its central location in Lower Saxony – the Land of Horses – the Heiligenberg is a welcome point of entry for equestrian experts and horse lovers of all kinds for meeting up, talking shop, group rides and other activities. Auctions and tournaments are also regularly held in the surrounding area and attract many visitors to the region and to the Heiligenberg.

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