Celebrate the milestones

Whether a celebration for a birthday, an important anniversary or an informal private party - at the Klostermühle Heiligenberg, every occasion becomes an event to remember. Our experienced employees are there to help you.

The right place

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The idyllic location as well as the distinctive ambience of the Klostermühle Heiligenberg is perfect for festivities of every kind. Every celebration has unique needs, which we can discuss and plan with you personally. Our team has many years of experience in making special occasions into special events for you and your guests. Just come to us, we‘ll be glad to help!

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The Klostermühle, with its variety of room layouts and extensive outdoor area, offers the best possible range of options to make your celebration personal. We make everything possible for you – whether rustic, romantic, classic or casual.

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Before an event takes place, there are many things to consider and plan. For your celebration to be a complete success, we support you from the beginning of planning to the execution of every tiny detail. Our staff will provide you with festive decoration, imaginative dishes and a wonderful ambience that will delight you and your guests.

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